Multimedia project "Raw Materials" by Hristina Krsteska

In Youth cultural center, during Echo, the multimedia project "Raw Materials" by Hristina Krsteska will be presented

Description of the project

What is the nature of nature? In general, man usually has no problem explaining built urban surroundings in the environment, but nature seems to present a problem. Does it exist as a social product? Or is it perhaps just an artifact of art and discourse? Or is it some form of communication? However, we would say that the most prevalent view of nature is "nature as a resource", and we undoubtedly see this, among other things, through the way we treat rocks. These inert forms are mostly used by man as mineral raw materials (raw material - material that has yet to be processed).

Rocks exist differently from everything else in the environment which is born, ages and dies, so by classifying rocks as non-living versus living things we have created a whole vocabulary of distinctions and divisions. Our inability to understand their temporality and form of existence has in some way prompted us to demonstrate our dominance and control over them.

About the author:

Hristina Krsteska is an interdisciplinary visual artist and researcher. She has completed master's studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She participated in several art workshops, participatory projects, group exhibitions as well as courses on contemporary art practices. In the focus of her research are the rocks and the geological changes that occur in the landscape, under the influence of man. She carries her hobby and passion for rock climbing into artistic expression through the use of various media.

Hristina is one of the authors selected in the open call for an interdisciplinary publishing project by Private Print. In the research, she observes the relationship that people have towards the rocks, the natural resources of our planet and examines how they are used in the process of satisfying the so-called "human needs". The book is expected to be published by the end of this year.

Through this multimedia project consisting of documentary / experimental photographs, images, video - sound installation, spatial installations and text, Hristina tries to bring us closer to the different perspectives of seeing and understanding the rocks, raising the question of the importance of their existence and for our unawareness of dependence on them. The project represents a kind of diary / record of her travels and researches.



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