Educational workshop for children: "Protection of caves and bats"

Educational workshop for children: "Protection of caves and bats" ❤️

The research society Ursus speleos this year, during EHO, brings speleology, caves and bats closer to the youngest.

During the meeting with the children will be organized:

Information booth with equipment: children will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the complete speleological equipment (individual and collective - such as helmets, overalls, ropes, carabiners, lamps, etc.) for exploring and safely visiting caves. But they will also have the opportunity to try a part of it, put on a belt, put a helmet on their head, etc.;

Cave and bat protection workshop intended for kindergarten and primary school children - Educators trained for the implementation of such educational workshops, through an interactive approach, more precisely using group work, puzzles, drawing, etc., educate the participants about caves (karst , caves in Macedonia, speleology, equipment, cave decorations) and about bats (where they live, what they eat, where they can be found, etc.) and how to protect them. In addition, within the educational workshop, together with the educators, the children will have the opportunity to play 2 interactive (Board) games, namely "Up and down after Galichica" and "Zhabce".

More info about the children's workshop:

Event date: October 25th (Wednesday), 18:00, MKC

Age: 6+ years old


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The workshop has a limited number of participants.

First registered - first received.



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