Photo Jury at Echo Mountain Film Festival 2022

Goran Kuzmanovski

Born in 1982 in Bitola, Goran graduated in electronics and is father of Dorian and Tara. He started skiing and climbing at a young age, when he becаме a member of the Macedonian national team in alpine skiing. At the age of 15, he becomes very devoted to mountaineering, including of course climbing in winter conditions.
2000 - he discovers photography and it becomes his great passion -taking part, but also winning several international photography competitions,
2002 - begins rock climbing and mountaineering, climbing approx 40 new routes, several of which in winter conditions,
2004 - forms the climbing club Vertical, where he shares his skills and experience, with the new generations of climbers,
2006 - becomes an instructor and setter of routes for sport climbing, opening 30 sport routes,
2007 - starts working in the company Makpetrol, in the IT sector,
2008 - beginnings in video production,
2012 - starts paragliding,
2015 - official photographer for paragliding company IKARO,
2018 - official photographer for the German company Adventure GmbH.


Dorijan Milovanovic

Dorijan is a graduate film editor at the Faculty of Drama arts in Bucharest. In college, in addition to editing, he acquires a feeling for light and composition and becomes a passionate photographer.
Over the years, he has also been attracted by the magic of animation and motion graphics, and in the last few years he has been working intensively as a cameraman too.
After graduation, he returned to his native Skopje and worked for almost 17 years on all kinds of projects, including documentaries and animated shorts.
He is a great lover of nature and a mountaineer, and every opportunity that he has, he uses to hike up the Macedonian mountains and take photos of the landscapes. He is most attracted to Shar Mountain, where he has climbed more than 25 peaks above 2000m.
Dorijan has participated in several group photo exhibitions, and this year he also had his first solo exhibition with documentary photographs.


Aleksandar Saveski

Aleksandar begins to be interested in cameras and photo devices since he was 10 years old, but his love for them deepens when he buys his first dslr camera - more than 15 years ago.
That camera changes his attitude towards photography and the way in which he documents everyday things.
He is currently focused on sports photography and videography (participating in documenting several manifestations such as Vodno Matka Ultra Trail, Ohrid Ultra Trail, Krali Marko Ultra, Skopje Marathon, Skopje Duathlon, Skopje Triathlon, Women's 10k Race, Ohrid Aquathlon, 3discipline Triathlon...) and in preserving the special moments of people's lives. He is specialy proud to be a part of those significant moments.



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