Thomas Delfino: Life and adventures of a pro snowboarder

Thomas Delfino lives in the so called “Capitol of the Alps” – Grenoble, France. His reputation in the world of snowboarding he has built through his incredibly elegant style of boarding, free-ride knowledge and his splitboarding experiences. He is an ambassador of the world famous splitboard bindings brand Spark R&D.

Because he is a professional snowboarder, his winters are full with many assignments. During the previous season Delfino with a small crew of skiers and boarders did some incredible rides in the incredible Todrilo mountains in Alaska. This will be his second visit of Macedonia, since he was already here in February, when he was part of the Nomads bus trip, during which he visited few Balkan countries and in Macedonia they did some action on Sar Mountains. Other than that, when the winter is gone, Delfino enjoys climbing and surfing.

For his dedication of untouched terrain and splitboarding, Delfino says: “I hope that the splitboard will continue to give me what it already gives me and that is to be in close contact with the nature and experience the most beautiful feelings. This is what is most important to me.”

As a guest speaker, Thomas Delfino will share his life and adventures as professional snowboarder.






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