Echo Mountain Film Festival 2016 - Winners

1.Grand Prix

The main award for the best movie goes to two movies:

“Tom”, Italy. Angel Luis Esteban Vega, Elena Goatelli and

“Jurek”, Poland, Pawel Wysoczanski

“Tom”, because of the consistency of all the film elements, evolving dramaturgical line, narrative and dialogical structure, which is exceptionally controlled, lucid, and fundamental. Because of the remarkable portrayal of the characters of the father and the son, as well as the synergy of the visual and musical aspects of the film. Brilliant and convincing.  

“Jurek”, A story about the great Jerzy Kukuczka narrated in a superb style, containing all the necessary film elements. What specifically stands out is the positioning of the narrative against the backdrop of the socio-political circumstances in Poland at the time. Instead of politicizing, the author presents the peculiar, but at the same time comic aspect of the attempts to commercialize mountaineering in the 80s. A splendid movie.  



2.Special mention 

In this year’s strong competition, the Jury awards the Slovak movie Freedom under Load, directed by Pavol Barabas. 

The story about the “porters” of supplies to the mountain huts in the High Tatras is a story about passion narrated with passion. An unconventional way to practice and experience freedom. Freedom to climb the mountain, freedom to carry 150 kg load, or as one of the porters says, “Being a teacher, my body was relaxing in the classes, my mind was relaxing in the mountains.” An exceptionally important and charming movie. 



3.Award for the best short movie 

In this year’s strong competition, the Jury awards the movie, Alek, Koljo, Boyan and Sasha on Matterhorn directed by Goran Vucic. This is a textbook example on how to make a short documentary about an important accomplishment like the summiting of Matterhorn, while allowing extra space for both a spontaneous humor, as well as moments and challenges that make us ponder. A movie with a strong documentary core. 



4.Best amateur video

“Djoko and the Mountain” by the trio Podleshankov, Karakash, and Vidanovski

This film brings in a startling air of freshness in the process from idea to realization!



Echo Mountain Film Festival 2016 - Members of the Jury

Prof. Dr. Ferid Muhic 

Prof. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed

Igor Talevski

Igor Angelkov 

Vlatko Galevski



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