Besides the film program, Echo organizes presentations of domestic and foreign mountain lovers. We are presenting you with some of the presentations:

Presentations by MACF members

Echo Mountain Film Festival together with the Macedonian Alpine Climbing Federation (MACF), organized presentations of some of the activities of the members of the MACF. The event took place at the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje and part of the program were presentations about the Alpine climbing meeting organized in the Demir Kapija climbing area in Macedonia, rock climbing trips done in Bulgaria, Greece and in the south of Italy, winter climbs (ice and mixed routes) done in Bulgaria, ski touring trip in the Tetons in the USA… 

The audience enjoyed an evening gathering with the Macedonian alpine climbers, who through their presentations took us in different areas and showed us a part of their activities. This was also a nice opportunity for those interested to start to learn rock and ice climbing, to get to know with the way how the clubs work and get a first hand information about the upcoming courses.


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