Besides the film program, Echo organizes presentations of domestic and foreign mountain lovers. We are presenting you with some of the presentations:

ONCE IN A LIFETIME - life changing stories and images from the edge - Lukasz Warzecha (England)

From documenting the efforts of the worlds best athletes, shooting portraits of Reinhold Messner at the London's Royal Geographical Society or mountain biking in the Outer Hebrides (cover story of The Guardian Travel) to filming short feature films (his”Sub-Zero” EpicTV video series feat. Will Gadd and Raphael Slawinski has reached over 2 million views) Lukasz Warzecha’s work spans across a whole spectrum of outdoor activities.

This was our chance to find out what it's really like to have the "Life of a Pro". Is it all about glamour and jet setting around the world? No doubt Lukasz was setting the story straight, illustrating his tales with his amazing images and inspiring films!


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